What is fashion: The love to drape oneself with the best of clothing choices is everybody’s dream. Clothing is an integral part of life. Styles may differ, tastes vary and choices are aplenty. There is much more to clothing than being just an outer cover. It reflects one’s personality and reveals the self to the world outside. Dressing should instill happiness in the person’s mind. The clothing may be in fashion or not but may still appeal to the person wearing it. Fashion trends are generally decided by the world but in reality if you love your style, then you are still in trend. Your style reveals the creative side and there is no limit to it. The stunning runway looks are looked up with awe. It is possible to create the 10 looks-runway to real-life with a little creativity.

   The designer looks always are so stunning but to translate them into real life is quite a task. If you are passionate and creative then it is possible to make your clothing very stylish. Well if you are not, then surrender to the most popular search engine to gather an insight about the latest trends in fashion. This is one simple way to know the best of trends. You can create jaw-dropping style trends even with the simplest of clothing.

  Tips to follow:  Fashion trends keep repeating again and again. What is now in trend may again come back in another decade. However there are 10 looks-runway to real life that are always in vogue immaterial of the latest in the market. It can be fun doing a mix and match of style trends from various periods. It is in this manner runway hits are created.


     Animal prints are in vogue at any time. Leopard printed long dresses can be a party wear. Animal prints are also popular in footwear and handbags.

    All-time hit is the denim. Due to its durability and looks it does not fail to appeal to you. There are so many varieties to it. You can wear stretched, regular, boot cut or the slim fit as per your choice. They are so versatile. It can be paired with any bright colored top.

     Another style that is in vogue at all times is the plaid or checked clothing.  Plaid jackets, trousers or long dresses, whatever it is can be fitted in style. This one can be called old- fashioned or contemporary but you must know it is both because this style has stood the test of time.